Student Package


For whom:

-Future or current Russian students, whether they are native or studying abroad

-For those who are struggling with Russian grammar but want to work hard to overcome their shortfalls

Brave people who desire to overcome challenges like studying Russian language


You are getting the most comprehensive Alphabet course on the Internet, which allows you to read in Russian fluently in just 3 hours.The course contains the following topics: Russian nouns, Russian case system, Russian verbs, adverbs, adjectives, numerals and many others. All videos are useful and easy-going providing detailed explanations for each essential subject.


You’ll gain the much-needed confidence you need to speak with Russian students and make new friends by avoiding the language barrier that is common among young people who are studying in Russia.

  You will increase your chance to be accepted by a Russian university for study purposes.

You will expand your vocabulary even further and understand the nuances of Russian grammar

– You’ll also save more than 100$, because this course includes all of my videos and courses (except Naya’s video). 

If you are a student that will be traveling and staying in Russia, you should be sure to sign up for this package today. You won’t regret it when you find yourself making friends and succeeding in all of your university courses!


Course Curriculum

Alphabet/basic grammar
Introduction FREE 00:01:00
Russian letters 00:21:00
Letters and sounds/Vowels 00:22:00
Consonants 00:12:00
Russian cursive 00:05:00
Reading with Naya 00:35:00
RusLang101P Alphabet Unlimited
Greetings 00:23:00
Audio 00:05:00
RusLang101P Greetings Unlimited
This/That/It 00:05:00
To have 00:07:00
Gender FREE 00:07:00
Masculine nouns 00:09:00
Feminine nouns 00:06:00
Neuter nouns 00:05:00
Case system FREE 00:12:00
Nominative case 00:07:00
RusLang101P Nominative Case Unlimited
Genitive Case 00:13:00
Genitive Endings 00:14:00
RusLang101P Genitive case Unlimited
Dative Case 00:07:00
Dative Endings 00:07:00
RusLang101P Dative Case Unlimited
Accusative case 00:13:00
RusLang101P Accusative Case Unlimited
Instrumental Case 00:15:00
RusLang101P Instrumental case Unlimited
Prepositional Case 00:16:00
RusLang101P Prepositional Case Unlimited
Imperfective/perfective aspect 00:19:00
RusLang101P Verbs Unlimited
Несовершенный вид глагола (in Russian) 00:12:00
Совершенный вид глагола (in Russian) 00:15:00
Conjugation 00:13:00
RusLang101P Conjugation Unlimited
Conjugation: exception to the rule 00:12:00
Russian adverbs 00:06:00

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